Landscape Installation

3658-m.jpgWhether you're interested in revitalizing your current landscape or totally renovating your yard, Premier Tree and Shrub Care is your best value and top quality choice for all your landscape installation needs. We handle everything from simple plantings to entire landscape bed design services including mulch, rock, pine straw, and sod. Premier Tree and Shrub Care can handle any landscape project, large or small


The installation of sod is a popular way to establish a new lawn. When installed correctly3659-m.jpgáon properly amended soil, in the appropriate sunlight conditions and where correct maintenance is provided, a sod lawn can be a valuable part of your landscape.á
There can be many potential problems in installing a sod lawn, so it important to use a expert like Premier Tree and Shrub Care to ensure it is done correctly. Sod is often installed on top of soil that has had little or no preparation, for example. Inadequate consideration is often given to the sunlight requirements of each turf grass species. Many new lawn owners are mis-advised as to the maintenance requirements of their chosen turf. A certain level of maintenance is needed for the sod to perform at its best and to offer its best aesthetic qualities, it does not require the wasteful practices we often see property owners providing (i.e., exceeding recommended fertilizer rates and frequency, frequent over watering, excessive use of pesticides when problems don't exist, etc.).á
With a little planning, preparation and correct maintenance a proper sod installation can be an asset to your property.á

3660-m.jpgDry Creek Bed Installation

A dry creek bed is a stone-lined channel or gully that mimics a natural watercourse. Stones and boulders are placed along a meandering course as if the force of water put them there. Dry creek beds usually include plants along the edges to enhance the natural look, and often incorporate stepping stones, bridges, or "waterfalls."

If you have an area of your landscape that's too soggy, dry, hot, or shady to grow plants, consider creating a dry stream bed. A dry creek bed can reduce topsoil erosion in areas in which runoff is a problem. It can reduce water use by replacing thirsty lawns and plants with rocks, while adding a natural-looking element to your landscape. Dry creek beds can also be used to correct a drainage problem or channel storm runoff from heavy rains or seasonal water runoff.

Annual Flower Installation

Premier Tree and Shrub Care provides expert recommendation and installation of Spring and Fall annual flowers. The annuals are used for color in landscape beds, containers, entry ways, and other high visibility areas. Customer input is encouraged and Premier Tree and Shrub Care will make recommendations based on plant needs, site conditions and curb appeal.á



Rough Grading

Rough grading is the cutting and filling of a site to prepare for a construction or landscaping project. At this stage of land grading, the ground is leveled out, spaces are backfilled, and the site is set up for proper drainage.