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Note: We only deliver full loads. They are from 6 to 9 yards of Grade B mulch. We cannot dump on the street. Our trucks are large. Please consider the size when choosing an area to dump. Overhead clearance is also a factor. The trucks are 10 to 13 feet high prior to the dump bed being raised. Also, if we are to cross or get on a driveway, we cannot be responsible for damage that could occur due to truck weight. Dumping is final, please be specific as to where they will go. Putting out a stake or small flag would be helpful. Your request will be put into our file, and will be filled when we are in your area. We cannot guarantee you will receive a load or when that will be. This is a free service. In the event you decide not to have us deliver the chips, please call our office at 770-267-TREE.(Some areas we do not deliver)

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